Abzorb is a device tilting game where you maneuver around the screen in an effort to catch and consume all of the color from blue orbs. The faster you do this, the better. Not only is this a lowest time is best kind of game, but you are also on a clock—you have to absorb your fill before you run out of time. It is also important to avoid any scary red orbs which suck time off the clock if you stray too close.


I’m not normally a fan of games that rely on quick reflexes and intricate timing, but Abzorb is a lot of fun. Gameplay is fast, fun, and challenging. It’s easy to get the hang of but very clearly rewards skill as you develop it. The game is also very attractive and features a good use of vibrant colors and different shapes. These same colors and shapes help make Abzorb intuitive even with all of the different gameplay mechanics at work.

Abzorb has 65 levels and 9 different unlockable color palettes from which to choose. You can also adjust how the tilt controls work to best suit you. I seem to play best while standing up, which makes my Apple Watch teal stand-up-ring thingy super happy. Abzorb is available on iOS and Android and you should check it out.



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