Yankai’s Triangle

Yankai’s Triangle is a unique puzzler with handcrafted art and seemingly endless levels to play. In it, you seek to snap together a series of triangles by matching like colors to form ever-larger triangles. The gameplay is easy enough, tap to spin triangles around until everything lines up properly and then, “snap”, they come together to form a bigger triangle. You keep going until you’ve made the largest triangle, then it’s on to the next level.

There’s quite a bit of variability in level difficulty, some you will speed through in seconds, others require some thought and experimentation. Yankai’s Triangle is really very relaxing. You just focus on tapping triangles for however long you please. The art is trippy, with grainy colors and various patterns and faces that appear in the triangles. It’s a fun game and worth your consideration if you are a puzzle aficionado. Yankai’s Triangle is available on iOS and Android.

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