Space Grunts

I would love to play a good shoot-em-up game now and then. Sadly, the days of being able to rely on my fast-twitch reflexes to lead me to video-game success are behind me. I find more enjoyment out of turn-based games that give you a little time to think, plan, and then act.

Space Grunts is the perfect game to get that arcade action fix within the comfortable confines of a turn-based strategy game. You pick a space grunt—there are three, each with a different style of play—and start running and gunning, taking on aliens. You start with three different weapons and once you figure out the best way to use each, you’re a good way up the learning curve. Eventually you’ll upgrade them and find other weapons and cool equipment to help you survive.

Turns are very quick, under a second each, so the action is really intense. There are explosions that shake the screen and effects like smoke blowing across the screen or the spread of fire or poisonous gas that really drive home the urgency of the scene. It feels so much like an action adventure that it’s often hard to remember you can take a moment to think and don’t need to spam the fire button in desperate self-defense.

The game looks great, sounds great, and plays great. Space Grunts is clever, challenging, a heck of a lot of fun, and should appeal to turn-based strategy and action fans alike. Get in the fight via iOS or Android now!

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