Dungeon Warfare

This review is pretty simple. Do you like tower-defense games? If the answer is yes, you’ll absolutely dig Dungeon Warfare and should probably just go here and add it to your collection right now. If the answer is no, well, to each there own and may I suggest some other fine game? If you’re on the fence, or have no idea what a tower-defense game is, take a look, and then keep reading.

In this game you are the lord of of a dungeon and have worked really hard to acquire all kinds of treasure, like…Scrooge McDuck levels of treasure. The downside of being so fabulously wealthy, however, is that your dungeon becomes a magnet for greedy loot-seeking heroes and other sticky-fingered adventuring folk. To keep this element at bay, and your riches intact, you  must set deadly traps and mechanized weapons to–well there’s really no way to sugar coat it–to kill them. Your goal is to kill them all. There’s no diplomacy in tower (or dungeon) defense.

Gameplay is fast, fun, and intuitive. Just drop your traps wherever you think they’ll crunch, stab, or slice the most adventurers and watch ’em fall, hopefully. If twenty of the thieving wretches get by your well laid countermeasures it’s game over.

Dungeon Warfare offers twenty-six upgradable traps that can be deployed on forty different levels which you can play at any of twelve difficulty modes. There’s also thirty different achievements you can unlock, for the collectors among you–you know who you are. Bottom line: a single purchase gets you a heck of a lot of fun. I highly recommend this one. You can start your defense on iOS or Android.

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