Guild of Dungeoneering

Guild of Dungeoneering is like a really fun pen-and-paper role-playing game but for your newfangled iMachine, or Android thingamabobber. You start out as the Dungeon Master and build a dungeon around your plucky little adventurer tile by tile. You draw cards from a dungeon deck—rooms, monsters, loot, and traps—and play them with the goal of luring the independently minded and often uncooperative adventurer toward the dungeon’s ultimate goal, often defeating the big bad.

When the player-character encounters a monster you switch roles. Turn-based combat ensues using a combat deck full of cards with different abilities. As your adventurer defeats monsters they find loot, which improves their deck for future fights and incrementally increases their chances of survival. But as for that…sadly you’ll lose many an adventurer. Luckily for you there is infinite space in the guild’s cemetery! Equally helpful is the area’s high unemployment rate, as new adventurers keep showing up. Got to get that loot!

Guild of Dungeoneering is quite clever, exceedingly fun, with a metric ton of content to boot. Each combat turn in a dungeon will take around five minutes and a level can be cleared in less than half an hour. Longer play sessions are not a problem as this one will keep you entertained through a lengthily play session. I can’t recommend it highly enough for both iOS and Android users.



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