Frost is a deck-building card game that is all about surviving against impossible odds in a treacherous environment where any misstep can be your last. It is cold. It is bleak. It is fantastic. You play as the leader of a small band of survivors looking to outrun the Frost—a killer storm—and make it to the Refuge, the one place where a modicum of safety from the storm can be found.

Every part of this game supports its narrative and theme. The music and sound effects are minimalist and haunting. There is lots of breathing, chanting, humming and the blowing of the chill wind…you can almost feel it biting into you. Frost’s artwork is similarly effective. Everything looks as if it’s been whitewashed by blizzard after blizzard and has a definite feel of the tundra. The UI and cards are all whites, grays, and blues—very uninviting for a long stay. The game-play is all about tough choices and has a streak of randomness about it that suggests sometimes the best you can do just doesn’t get you there.

I really enjoyed Frost. It looks and sounds beautiful and is a lot of fun. If you don’t like randomness playing so big a role you might want to stay away, but for everybody else—especially deck-building enthusiasts and boardgamers—this one is for you. Seek refuge on either iOS or Android.

If more words are your thing I wrote a whole bunch more about Frost on

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