Stencilsmith is a fast-paced puzzler with shades of Threes, Minecraft, and Dungeons & Dragons. If you’ve played Threes you’ll be familiar with the tile-sliding gameplay but there’s a great deal more going on here than making bigger and bigger numbers. You slide tiles into each other to create tools, mine resources, forge swords, fight dragons, and open treasure chests. Look at it like a crazy Rubik’s cube, one in which you are constantly trying to achieve some things—like maneuvering a key into a treasure chest or swinging a sword into a dragon—but avoiding others, like making sure said dragon doesn’t chomp down on your pickaxe.

With Stencilsmith you rack up XP every time you mine, craft, cut up baddies, or loot a treasure chest. XP earns you levels and levels are what you are after in this high-score chaser. You have limited life, however, and if a monster slides into one of your crafted tools or items (pickaxe, hoe, key) you lose a life. When you are out of life…game over.

Stencilsmith is a challenging game and requires practice to ascend the learning curve. There are a ton of different tile combinations, called recipes, to keep track of. Recipes create your tools and weapons and can even gain you life.There are four modes of play and each requires different tactics to succeed. There’s also a design mode where you can create your own tools and monsters, which will inevitably defeat you.

Once you get the hang of it, Stencilsmith is a surprisingly deep and very fun and challenging game that is well worth the dollar admission. You can rattle off a game pretty quickly or easy pause and return to finish a particularly successful attempt another time. Grab Stencilsmith on iOS now!

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